About Us

A think-and-do-tank

CitiX is a non-profit interdisciplinary observatory and think tank on the potential and challenges at the heart of tomorrow Smart Cities. CitiX particularly focuses on understanding the transformative potential of technology, to change the geopolitical equations of cities.

The group gathers global practitioners and experts from a wide variety of fields. Citix’ members work with academics, scientists, technologists, practitioners and politicians to develop policy recommendations and design pilot projects to test out multidisciplinary innovations.

Overall, CitiX is at the forefront of innovation in the urban realm, and aims at fostering initiatives and gathering knowledge about the Smart Cities of tomorrow.


Promoting inclusive and sustainable urbanization in challenging environments

CitiX’s mission is to advise urban stakeholders to become more innovative at delivering intelligent, inclusive and sustainable urban development at scale, especially in challenging contexts.

This includes helping cities build the capabilities needed to harness strategically the power of innovation labs, data driven strategies, collective intelligence, open government, civic innovation/tech and the collaborative economy.

Our Approach

We work closely with a wide range of urban stakeholders to explore how cities can become “intelligent” in the widest possible sense, beyond the “Smart City” utopia. Our approach is integrated, aiming at breaking silos and exploring the transformational potential of innovation and technology. It centers on capability building and generating positive deviance that can be replicated at scale. CitiX mobilizes some of the crucial resources (technology, finance, leadership, management), networks and expertise in the field of city innovation and urban development. To mobilize these resources, we develop content and expertise in partnership with academic institutions, incubators, think tanks, international donors, industry leaders, start-up companies, and non-profits. Recognizing that we live in an increasingly interdependent world, we also leverage the potential stemming out of inter-city cooperation.

What We Do

<b>We pilot innovative projects in challenging urban environments</b>

We pilot innovative projects in challenging urban environments

We are currently working closely with a set of Mayors grappling with urbanization challenges around the world. With their teams and other stakeholders, we design, deploy and monitor innovative pilot projects on intelligent, sustainable and inclusive urban development.

<b>We monitor and forecast urban innovation</b>

We monitor and forecast urban innovation

We build a strong knowledge base on urban innovation, while tracking the pulse of new technologies, as they affect cities directly or indirectly. Through partnerships with public and private institutions, we gather information, publish reports, inform society at large on tomorrow’s cities evolution.

<b>We provide advisory services</b>

We provide advisory services

We collaborate with private companies, non-profit organizations and city governments to act as a strategy counsel and resource catalyst. With them, we identify pressing urban problems and help formulate and implement solutions for citizens.


  • Nicolas Miailhe
  • Nicolas Miailhe

  • Stanislas Chaillou
  • Stanislas Chaillou

    Co-founder & Executive Director
closeNicolas Miailhe

Nicolas Miailhe

Nicolas Miailhe is a Senior Visiting Research Fellow with the Program on Science, Technology and Society at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government (HKS), and recently completed a Research Fellowship at the Harvard Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation. Besides urban innovation and civic technologies, Nicolas’ work centers on the governance of emerging technosciences. A respected strategist, social entrepreneur, and thought-leader, Nicolas is also a consultant in innovation, emerging technologies and international business development. He advises multinationals, start-ups, non-profits and government organizations. Nicolas is the co-founder of “The Future Society” and of the “AI Initiative”. He has over ten years of professional experience in emerging markets such as India, working at the nexus of innovation, high technology, government, industry and civil society. Before coming to Harvard, he was Regional Director South Asia at Safran Sagem, the world leader in aerospace, defense and security. Nicolas co-convened People for Global Transformation in 2012 and has led its growth since then. An Arthur Sachs Scholar, he holds a Master in Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. He also holds a Master in Geostrategy and Industrial Dynamics from Pantheon-Assas University in Paris and a Bachelor degree in Political Sciences from Sciences Po Strasbourg.
closeStanislas Chaillou

Stanislas Chaillou

Stanislas Chaillou, is an architecture master candidate at Harvard University as well as Director of the CitiX Initiative at The Future Society. He has previously worked for international renowned offices such as Shigeru Ban Architect, and Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill. He is also the recent winner of two American Architecture Prize. Stanislas is a Fulbright scholar, an Arthur Sachs Fellow and Jean Gaillard Fellow at Harvard University.